Serving Western Canada and the Arctic region

At Can-West Fire Investigations, we specialize in investigating the origin and cause of fires or explosions. Our investigators systematically investigate scenes using the Scientific method of approach.

How We Can Help You

We provide forensic origin and cause fire and explosion investigations for commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, automotive, and marine losses. Our investigators are internationally certified and have extensive training in interview techniques, statement analysis, and professional photography, including airborne photography and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) video capturing.

With our experience in law enforcement and the insurance industry as special investigators, we understand the needs of the insurance industry and their concerns for potential exposure.


Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to providing expert services, Can-West Fire Investigations has partnerships with specialized engineering services such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, structural, and biomechanical engineering. We also offer accident reconstruction services, Berla system forensics, and data recovery for vehicles. Our professionals are trained in DNA evidence collection for serious motor vehicle investigations where airbags have been deployed.

Our company is partnered with ABL Auto Electrical Ltd. to provide insurance related mechanical inspections to validate losses. We have a four-bay heated indoor facility for vehicle and equipment fire investigations. Our company also offers mechanical inspections, vehicle fluid analysis for wear, and short or long-term vehicle storage. We have vast experience in post-fire investigations to validate the presence of contents and heat or fire-related damage to structures.

In addition, we have a certified fire and explosion investigator with an accelerant detection canine on staff. All of our investigators maintain continuous training with certifications.

We have also provided training to the Insurance Institute of Canada, numerous insurance companies, police and fire departments on a variety of topics. These topics range from fire classification, scientific method approach, vehicle and equipment fires, structural fires, and investigative techniques for front line adjusters. We can provide additional tailored training for your needs on a variety of other insurance-related topics.

Our Solutions

Commercial and Residential Structural Fire Investigations

We have extensive experience with large loss multi-million dollar commercial and residential properties. Count on us for detailed investigations. Our dedicated team is capable of finding the cause and origin of fires and explosions.

On-Scene Vehicle Fire Investigations

We are capable of travelling on short notice with the equipment to do the job. Our on staff mechanic is capable of conducting inspections in remote areas with the proper equipment to get the job done. This service reduces the costly standby time that can arise while waiting for mobile mechanic.   

Vehicle Fire and Mechanical Investigations in Our Heated Facility

Many storages facilities restrict the ability of a fire investigator to conduct a thorough investigation due to safety concerns. Weather, unstable ground, mud and hazards restrict the ability to lift vehicles to enable the tracing of electrical systems or to examine catastrophic failures. Our four bay mechanical facility provides a safe location where vehicles and equipment can be examined. Having a controlled environment with trained heavy duty mechanics enables our investigators to conduct comprehensive examinations while keeping investigative costs down.

Heavy Equipment and Mechanical Fire Investigations

At Can-West Fire Investigations, Inc., we are well-versed in determining the cause of heavy equipment and mechanical fires and explosions. Our team can conduct investigations at the scene or at our heated facility. Our shop can accommodate large highway trucks, 54 foot trailers and heavy equipment.  

Marine/Boat Fires

We have experience in the investigation of marine fires and explosions.

Scene Debris and Content Verification

Going to a fire or explosion scene to retrieve your possessions can pose health and safety risks if performed by untrained individuals. Our team has extensive experience to sift through debris to recover valuables and to validate contents. The misrepresentation of contents claims can cost an insurance company thousands.     

Post-Fire Validation of Fire and Heat Damage

Our investigators routinely assist in the validation of heat and fire related damages to structures and vehicles. Insurance companies need to make informed decisions on whether the damages are fire and heat related or pre-existing. Inspections include:

  • Exterior siding
  • Roof / Shingle inspections.
  • Window Testing
  • Home Interiors
  • Attic Insulation inspections